1940s Clothing Ideas for your Vintage Wardrobe

1940s Clothing

1940s clothing has different bright trends. Women started to wear 'slack suits' for relaxing at home or for manual work. Journalist Ann Scott was one of the first women who made men's style trouser suite popular.

Small prints that could be easily matched on a seam were used for formal summer day dresses to restrict fabric wastage and adding white collars and cuffs saved precious dress material.

For day, dresses sported military belt detailing and buttons; some of them had detachable tops which could be combined with another skirt, 1946. Sharply cut little black dresses were sometimes decorated with white collars and cuffs. Fly-front, button through dresses could be worn on their own, or open as a coat over another dress for a more versatile look.

Beautiful afternoon dresses were represented by Jacques Heim and Edward Molyneux.

1940s Clothing

Just like in the Twenties the shorter skirt showed off the legs, but in Britain sheer stocking in silk, or much sought after nylon, were in short supply. 1940s stockings are wool for winter and tromp l'oel for summer.

1942 patching clothing look very impressing, but lack the elegance.

1940s Clothing

Wide printed skirts made from yards of bright remnant curtain material were popular for beachwear.

Miami Beach style was popular in 1946. Pinafore style top over a stripped shirt, pinafore dresses.

American wrap around 'play dress' usually made out of stretch cotton trimmed with lace is very popular 1940s clothing.

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