1970s Fashion. The Daisy Age…

‘Make Love Not War’

became the mantra of the flower children in the 1970s fashion. The ‘Love’ sunglasses and CND logo dress of 1967 were for those who felt the need to make a sartorial, anti-aggression statement.

The clean cut of the dress and the model’s cropped hair are more early Sixties mod style than flower child. 1967 may have been known as the ‘Summer of Love’, but a month before this picture was taken an anti-war demonstration outside the Pentagon, Washington, DC, had escalated into violence, resulting in some two hundred and fifty

1970s Fashion Hippy

Mixture of casualness, fluidity and fantasy

Free your mind and your clothes will follow. The Summer of Love, Jimmi Hendrix, Vietnam protests, bra-burning and LSD. Flower power and psychedelia swept up the baby boomers in a stream of pot smoke. Man was about to walk on the moon and anything, it seemed, could happen. Fashion rejected geometric futurism for a longer length, romantic style. Retailer and designer Carole Austen was quoted in International Textiles in 1970s fashion: ‘As far we can see we have a mixture of casualness, fluidity and fantasy.’
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70s International Ethnical Fashion

The world was shrinking fast as air travel became more affordable. Western society became more aware of its place in a multicultural environment. Designer played with global references, Kenzo with his native Japan and Yves Saint Laurent with Africa and China. Souvenirs from the hippie trains soon worked themselves into women’s wardrobes: shaggy Afghan coats, Indian cheesecloth shirts, South American ponchos and patchwork gipsy skirts.

1970s Fashion Gypsy Skirt

70s Psychedelic colours and prints

Womenswear was flamboyant and menswear was not far behind. Zandra Rhodes and Ossie Clark dressed woman in yards of printed chiffons so that they resembled psychedelic butterflies. Pop stars set the trends. David Bowie was performing in full glam rock outfits and boys were now allowed to strut their stuff. A 1967 extract from The Ossie Clark Diaries (1998) reads: ‘ Brian Jones and Keith (Richards) took to wearing the silk and satin printed by Celia and the skin tight jewel coloured trousers from a stash of pre-war corset satin AP found. I made men’s shirt with frills in chiffon, in crepe, with a one-sided collar, a leather jacket metallic with blue snake. 1970s fashion trends and styles.

Marianne (Faithfull) bought a suede suit trimmed in python with a fluted peplum and never asked the price.’ Unisex flared jeans and T-shirt became a street uniform, men and women grew their hair and girls now wanted trousers rather than skirt.The individual was free to choose from a myriad styles. The new trends kept on coming maxis and midis; harem pants, hot pants and velvet knickerbockers. Second-hand no longer meant second-best.

In London, boutiques such as Granny Takes A Trip encourage the modern woman to designer clothes, Laura Ashley with its crisp cotton pleasant style and Biba, which had by now moved to a large store in Kensington, with bohemian romance in crushed velvet. Punk in 1970s fashion

When punk gobbed its way down the streets of London and New York it traded on the shock factor for attention. Woman wore tight leather, leopard in stilettos. Bodies were pierced, hair was shaved, dyed and spiked and everything was customised with chains, paint and safety pins. Punk still stands out as one of the best granny-shocking movements of the century.

Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren were the punk, selling the clothes from their King’s Road shop Seditionaries and launching the Sex Pistols, who provided the soundtrack for the movement. Inevitably, punk hit the catwalk: in 1977 Zandra Phodes did designer safety pins. Designers clothing in 1970s fashion

In the late Seventies designers moved from the theatrical to the practical. A new wave of ready-to-wear designers began to offer an antidote to fussy, over-the-top design. jean Muir designed minimal jersey pieces in London; Sonia Rykiel sold sold stylish knitwear in Paris; and in Italy Giorgio Armani offered basics for the working women. In America, Calvin Klein and Lauren launched designer jeans and Halston did sleek jersey trouser suits and dresses.

Milan had now established itself as the fashion capital of Italy, with its signature luxury sports style, fine furs at Fendi and elegance at Valentino. Designers such as these were offering women versatile, modern wardrobes. Fashion would shed its psichedelic skin and move on to the Eighties, talking with it these basic, modern concepts. For more information please see our article about 70s Clothes Ideas.

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