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70s clothes are truly iconic. The whole decade of the 1970s themselves are amazing. New fashion, new inventions and new musical styles &mdash they all appeared during 1970s. Colourful, extraordinary and different.

Here in this article you'll find all of the most popular clothing trends of the 70s. Designer names and clothes types. Just look them through and you will find some nice new ideas (well not really new they are from 70s, but still so good)...

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70s Clothing Trends and Ideas

Mini-skirts, boots and polo necks were a casual uniform for daywear. Polo necks were equally popular for both guys and girls and were worn by everyone just like jeans.

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Italian design label Missoni was well known for its striped, knitted outfits.

High-heeled ankle boots and cowboy boots were also popular as an alternative to longer boots.

Afghan coats, wide-sleeved tunic shirts, basket-weave bags and jeans had never been more popular. They were often worn with bell-buttons, and combines with a with a tee-shirt for a casual dressing.

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Popular brands included Lee, Wrangler and Levi. The Seventies also marked the birth of designer jeans. Gloria Vanderbit's tight, buttock-higgig white jeans were particularly covered.

Shirts were no longer then worn full length, and blouson style jackets and smock-style jackets smoke style tops with wide sleeves had come into fashion.

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The safari look went mainstream and designers started to use large pockets on shirts and dresses . All-in-one jumpsuits and trousersuits were flung into fashion in the 1970s.

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