Advantages and Disadvantages
of Buying Vintage Fur Coats

When you are looking for the best quality in vintage fashion, vintage fur coats become an iconic example that never goes out of style. Fur fashion is not a trend, it is timeless. A fur coat that has been appropriately cared for and cleaned has been able to withstand a very long and fashionable life.

First though let’s sort out if it is real fur you are after

When you go for furs there are several issues you will have to decide for yourself:

  • money issue;
  • moral issue;
  • esthetic issue.

So the real fur is very expensive, doubtably moral but yet very beautiful;

Faux fur is much more affordable, more moral off course, because no animals were killed in the production process which yet often environmentally harmful, and let’s be honest faux furs look unnatural and cheap;

Vintage fur coats on the other hand is something in between those two choices (golden middle):

  • it’s not that expensive;
  • buying vintage fur is a kind of recycling, and it’s obviously more moral in compressing to buying a new fur coat which have been made today. Though some animal protestors insist that vintage fur has the same killing fact, no matter how long ago animal had been killed;
  • furs age well, so if it was high quality production process, if it is good fur and professional finishing, it will serve you well, look gorgeous, warm you in the winters for many years

So the decision is always up to you.

Share your own opinion here on whether it’s ethical or not to buy a vintage fur coat.

Fur coats come in many different designs and styles. You can find a modestly beautiful fur coat for common everyday wear just as easily as finding a full length fancy fur coat for an extravagant evening out on the town. Furs are so versatile. They can be dyed any colour in the rainbow to match your personal style and fashion needs.

There are so many different types of fur with different lengths, colour tones, density, level of warmth, and construction patterns. There is sure to be a fur coat that is just perfect for your personal needs, desires, and your budget. What better way to revive the glamour of days gone by, than with a retro looking true vintage fur coat?

Vintage furs are very hot items and have become wildly collectible and fashionable in the last few years. Retro fur coat is a good investment if you choose a good quality fur, refresh it and properly look after it (see our fur tips).

Vintage fur coats are a luxury that you deserve, and can afford at vintage prices.

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Firstly, let me say that I own 5 fur coats, 4 of which are vintage (over 20 years old purchased as used). I live in a Northern climate and appreciate the …

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