Alma long mini monogram? What year?

by CynthiaB
(Long Beach, CA, USA)

Provenance: I have had this bag for about 6 years from a woman who was renting a room from us and was one of those "sheds her skin" types. She got new bags and was of the mind to give some old ones away. Very frivolous lady. Unfortunately, about 3 years ago the matching long fold-over (gorgeous) wallet was stolen from me on the train :( Which is unfortunate...I have never questioned its authenticity, because I had never owned anything of such remarkable quality. Years later, and after somewhat regular use, it is still in very good condition but the "alacantra" grayish/tan lining is dirty and needs to be cleaned. How might I go about doing that?

I may see fit to sell it soon, but there is always a nagging fear in me that it is not authentic - just because I have bad luck!

The insides of handles have a pretty dark brown patina , the serial number is "M92205" Does that mean it is before 1990? Overall, the leather is not dark - but it looks darker (like a peachy apricot brown) than some of the bags I see today. I have had very little luck tracking down this style bag. It says "Made in France" on lock & on brown square tag.

All metal on the bag has the same gold, all logos are symmetrical & equal distance from hardware.

Thanks for anything that you can tell me!


Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for your message.

I'm not sure about the year of this bag. The 'reading systems' I know don't make sense for your serial number. It doesn't mean anything though, these sserial numbers are for Louis Vuitton internal use so only LV knows how to read it properly.

But what I've noiced on your pictures is that the label might be fake. Can you supply/email me on the better resolution label picture. Than I can tell you for sure.

Or check it here yourself here: Is This Louis Vuitton a Fake?

You will see how it should look like.

Hope it helps.

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Sep 02, 2017
by: Michele

I just acquired this same bag. The number on the storage bag and tag belongs to this bag, but the RA number brings up a completely different bag. I assume that means that the bag is not authentic. It sure looks the part, and the tags, etc do as well. The handles are leather, and it smells like leather too. So, how do I know if it's real or not?



Dec 23, 2016
Would you sell? NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, would you sell this bag? Did you find out if it is authentic

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