Amateur Louis Vuitton Idiots

by Emma
(Southern Orange County, California)

I learned the hard way of the actual Louis Vuitton buying guide experience.

I sell vintage authentic L V's occasionally. The amateur buyers that think they know it all by reading a guide is a farce. is very illiterate.

Don't be a 'know it all' when purchasing the bags. Take a look at it in person. I sell other things but most of the Louis Vuitton callers are the most unapproachable disgusting – 'I am better than you' – people I have ever met.

Please don't fall into that trap. We are all in it together-good or bad.

I feel better now!!!!!

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Dec 07, 2011
arent they all idiots though?
by: Anonymous

wait. i'm confused. isn't everyone who buys louis vuttoin an idiot? fakes or the real thing. only a jackass would get another brown bag just like everyone else's. status symbol with no style and all fashion

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