7 Great Things About London Vintage Brick Lane Market

Today is Sunday, a sunny warm day and a day of Russian Maslenitsa... But instead of being on Trafalgar square eating pancakes - traditionally for Maslenitsa, I am on the Vintage Brick Lane Market in Shoreditch, drink black coffee and eat vegan carrot cake in Tea Room…

1. Brick Lane Market's Vintage Tee Rooms

Which is basically a number of wooden tables and vintage armchairs surrounded by different retailers of vintage clothing, furniture and tons of cool antiques. I will call it the first great thing


Led Zeppelin is playing from outside. Every girl or boy entering the shop is a picture, every older person visiting it because of nostalgy probably is a character. That's Brick Lane Market at its best.

and I shall say that this is another great thing about Shoreditch - its people.

2. Brick Lane Market Audience


3. Bus # 47

At this point of my life I'm lucky enough to live not far from the best vintage London markets. I live near Tower Bridge, to get to Shoreditch I take 47 bus or walk.

Today bus was a bedlam, the driver was singing... an opera song... very loud... during the whole journey from Tower Bridge to Liverpool Street Station...

Again this bus driver is another detail to a Shoreditch market mosaic...

4. Old Spitalfields Market is on the way to Brick Lane Market


As always, I get off at Liverpool street station. And walked through the Old Spitalfields Market to to my favourite Brick lane. Old Spitalfields Market was great today. Lots of cheap second hand clothing: 1-3 for scarfs, 5-10 for tops, 15-40 for coats, 65- 500 for great vintage fir coats;

Lots of fake Louis Vuitton as always. My ego was happy to realise that I could spot a fake in a glance (I'm happy to share this ability though, so when you can see a vintage LV next time, you know how to figure out whether you've been fooled or not. Check Authentic Vintage Louis Vuitton Guide for a detailed guidance) my conscious was pretty upset though, because Not a Single LV item was authentic. But a great thing about Old Spitalfields Market today was this amazing artist who combined photography, art, lots of vintage items and her amazing talent. Her art was really inspiring and really great.

But not only the art was inspiring today. Everything was bringing up energy:

5. Great Shopping

I've just bought a bag for my mum, sent her a text, which lifted her mood, as she said, after having a nasty episode at work...

6. Great Italian Americano

It was made by an Italian girl. I was wondering what she was thinking about that coffee, Italians usually hate americano, don't they? And I don't know why but I like this fact about them...

7. Great Weather

You might think I'm joking, but no, I'm not, it was officially a good weather in London today.

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