Camden Market. October Review

Camden market is one of the most famous markets in the world. It's also one of the favourite places for tourists to visit in London. And no wonder why! It's truly amazing place. The market is situated just on the river under the bride.

Camden market

All along the river you will have the motorbikes sits instead of the branches or cafe chairs tables. Really cool!!!

Camden market

One more fascinating thing there is the whole street decoration…

Camden market

Apart from that Camden has always been known as a place where the most extravagant people are: goths, hippies, punks etc. etc. and of course the vintage and the handicrafts market. They even used to say that fashion designers and quturies come here to get some inspiration and to see the innovative Camden fashion.

Well, to tell you the truth, Camden more than all the other markets in London became extremely commercial. At the moment it reminds the souvenir shop… Thousands of tourists, cheap souvenirs shops and almost everything is made in China…

Ok, there is one gallery that still sell handmade and beautifully designed goods.

Camden market

It's two story and really nice...

Camden market

And a single one vintage shop Rokit. This Rokit, by the way, on my opinion is the best of all Rokits (there are couple of them around London).

Camden market

Actually it will be more accurate to call this place Camden Markets. There are at least 3 markets you will meet there: Camden Lock, Camden Village, and The Camden Market itself. Here they are:

Camden market

Camden market

Camden market

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Apart from that Camden has always been known as a place where the most extravagant people are: goths, hippies, punks etc. etc. [more]



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