6 Easy Ways to Find
Cheap Vintage Clothing

Do you love that feeling when you come across really cheap vintage clothing. Isn't it great? A feeling successful hunter, a feeling of winner.

It's especially pleasant because cheap price for vintage stuff doesn't necessarily mean worse quality. It simply means that you are an experienced shopper and that you are a lucky one!!!

Cheap vintage clothing

Let me share a little bit of knowledge and experience with you, and who knows it might bring you luck!

Actually retro masterpieces, beautiful items of the past at relatively cheap and sometimes even too cheap prices are out there waiting for you! Many people just want to get rid of ‘old stuff’ from their wardrobe, not everyone is a vintage fan, not everyone appreciate the retro beauty (strangely enough, but luckily for us!)

Therefore you can always find vintage designer clothes, even collectibles at affordable prices if you know where to look for it!

Top Tips to Find Cheap Vintage Clothing:

1. Your parents’ and grannies’ chests

Probably you will have to hear thousands of ‘exiting’ stories about each dress or bag. But nevertheless you can find really great items in your family wardrobe, the garments from the past, that even your relatives have already completely forgotten about.

Finally you will get a family treasure… and not just cheap but for absolutely free…

2. Swap Party

Arrange a vintage clothing meeting with your friends. You might seriously enrich your retro wardrobe and at the same time get rid of the stuff you don’t wear any more.

If you don’t have enough friends for the vintage swap; or if your friends' sizes, tastes and clothing preferences are not the same as yours, than go online. Some sites offer swapping vintage clothing with other vintage fans, like this for example: cheap vintage clothing swap site

3. Some Charity Shops

Chose charity shops wisely. The best charity shops are usually situated in posh areas. They are more expensive of course. But you look for a shop which is not massively popular, try to find a little charity shop somewhere in the middle of a hidden narrow street and you find great clothes for affordable price.

4. Vintage Markets and Flea Markets

Markets are usually cheaper than shops. Of course trying on is not that convenient as in a shop, but the range of goods is much wider and the prices are lower. Some markets are cheaper than others. For example London Shoreditch vintage Sunday Up Market is definitely cheaper than famous Portobello Market and Camden Market.

5. Online Shopping

There are many ways to shop online. One of the easiest and cheapest is e-bay. And easy to understand why: what can be cheaper than buying vintage garments directly from someone who just doesn’t want it in the wardrobe any more. What can increase the price though is other buyers betting.

One useful tip here: if you really like the item, don’t bet straightaway, wait until the auction comes to the end and 3-5 minutes before place your bet.

6. Spend more time to save more money

Sometimes cheap vintage clothing shopping is a matter of choice weather to save money or to save time. Choice is yours!

Good luck with your cheap vintage clothing shopping!

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