Croissant Louis bag

I recently bought a croissant pm Louis handbag on eBay.The question is, did I buy a replica?

On the bottom of the bag, there are 3 seams, and there are also the LV logos- I have looked at some which do not have the LV's on the bottom.

I have some real Louis bags, but they are old, so it's difficult to compare.

The patina on the handles has turned a different color though; Whereas the fake one I have did not - I blip ought it for $189. On eBay, and he says his Friend bought it at the Chicago Louis Vuitton store.

Can't find a date code; However, some of the fakes have one.

It's just confusing me since I never asked to see the bottom- Some of the croissant bags do have LV' on the bottom, and some do not- Mine does?

On Yoogie's site, there are LV's on the bottom as well as 3 seams on the bottom.

On my fake bag, the logos have turned a kind of orange color, whereas, on the one I just bought- It's more of a brownish color.

Since your handbags are noted as real, would rather return this one, and buy 1 from you.

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