Edinburgh Vintage Fashion:
incredible creativity, stylish age and glamorous decadence…

Edinburgh is great for vintage shopping. Most of the great Edinburgh vintage shops are situated around the West Port street and Grassmarket street.

It's better to begin Edinburgh vintage shopping from Wipe Street.

Grassmarket street views:

Edinburgh street

Let's start from my favourite Godiva (9 West Port, Edinburgh). The shop itself is absolutely amazing. Wooden floor, cupboards and chests, red leather sofa corner, Victorian mirrors, glamorous vintage apparel and beautiful clothing created by young Edinburgh designers, mostly made from old vintage clothes.

Vintage Godiva Shop

Vintage Clothing Shop

Vintage Clothing Shop

Another pleasant advantage of Godiva is its stuff. The shop girl was so nice that when I asked for permission to take a couple of pictures. She not only made a little excursion for me, but also assisted in shooting, switching on all the lights and opened additional cupboards for me.

Vintage shop girl

Prices are surprisingly modest: Vintage Dresses: £20-45, Belts: £45, Tops: £20.

I would buy half of the shop there and come back for more… but let's go more vintage shopping…

Herman Brown - vintage clothing and accessories, great for dresses.

Herman Brouns Vintage Shop

Antiques & Curios Cabaret (137 West Port) - Vintage jewellery, accessories, compacts, mirrors, toys, vintage mens walking-stick, Vintage books and so on.

Antiques Vintage Shop

Antiques Vintage Shop

Edinburgh Antique Vintage shop

Ledy Jojo's (11 West Port) — Edinburgh designer's clothing — vintage inspired.

Edinburgh Vintage Ledy Jojo

Edinburgh Vintage Ledy Jojo 1

Barnardos Vintage (116 West Bow) - second hand vintage clothing, good value for money.

What I loved the best were the I Love NY vintage T-short and gorgeous white leather wedding shoes which looked like they had never been worn before and cost only £9.

Edinburgh Vintage Armrstrong and Son

Armrstrong and Son (83 The Grassmarket) — huge vintage shop with a lot of retro garments together with fancy dresses. It reminds me of London's Beyond Retro, though Edinburgh vintage Armrstrong is surprisingly much more expensive.

Edinburgh Shop

Edinburgh Vintage Armrstrong and Son

Totty Rocks (40 Victoria Street) — just around the corner from Grassmarket - very beautiful vintage inspired clothing designed by Edinburgh designer Holly Mitchell.

Joey D. (54A Broughton Street) - one more famous Edinburgh designer who turns old vintage stuff into unique one-of-a-kind new style garments and bags. Jackets made from the mix of military costume and old grannies knitted sweater, bags made of old shoes and bullet holders — peaceful fashion way of unarming the country.

Edinburgh  vintage Joe D

My favourite bag was made from a rugby ball with an autograph on it (probably a famous rugby player). All the bags range from £50 to £80, definitely worth buying for anyone’s vintage wardrobe. Paris Hilton has recently bought one of Joey D. bags for hers.

Just next door from Joey D. is one more Edinburgh vintage inspired shop, Concrete Wardrobe. I found a couple of interesting fabric brooches, but apart from that, it was not the most impressing shop in Edinburgh.

There are also a lot of charity shops that looked tempting as well, though I decided to spend more time wondering around on those Edinburgh vintage streets enjoying the views, bagpipes' sounds and unusually sunny weather!

Good luck with your Edinburgh vintage shopping! And feel free to share your unforgettable experience with us!

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