Effekthascherei Vintage Clothing

by Melanie

Photography: Oliver Rath

Photography: Oliver Rath

“Effekthascherei” (German for "claptrap"), the new Berlin lifestyle label founded in the line at a Berlin club, presents its new collection "augenblickliche Unwiderstehlichkeit (instantaneous irresistibility)": silk scarves in the specially adapted Louis Vuitton look, colorful prints by Martin Krusche (Yak Fou) and Robokid on Organic Cotton. The highlight of the collection: the colorful, provocative slogan "Reichtum statt Weltfrieden" ("wealth instead of world peace."). 

The messages, as simple as contemporary, show that the focus is not on a fanatic ideology, no dusty retro sorrow and certainly no "Let us all be friends" utopia. “Effekthascherei” meets blunt but bloomy with the self-return to the spirit of the time. Leaving the bad temper nation behind and thinking of his own dreams, goals, oneself. The founder Florian von Schaumburg was stricken with inspiration after he was expelled from a prestigious elite boarding school. "I felt that I was only driven from the outside. As I would run on a treadmill, like a puppet.

Then I decided not to function anymore. Somehow a no to the performance-based society. I went into exile in southern France, jobbed into the catering, to be independent and to dedicate myself to the classical philosophy and literature without any disturbances. Maybe a classic case of a self-discovery trip, buried in my ivory tower in books I bit by bit collected dust. This led to a tremendous thirst for action.

They say maximize the boredom and you will inevitably begin to create something. I photographed analog, worked with an old-fashioned typewriter, played with ideas, mixed and colored them digitally. That was the coup. I finally cut the puppeteers’ threads and started to live following my ideas in the here and now. 

Funk Off - social conventions. Based on Frederick the Great " Every man must go to heaven in his own way." I went to Berlin, gathered the best graphic artists of the city, put my ideas together with them into action and gave expression to this very idea of freedom."

A feeling which he is now carrying in colorful letters in the world.”Effekthascherei's” trademark is a colorful pack of birds, reminding of the philosophical interest of the founder. You get the impression you can equate these birds with his thoughts. They fly, flutter, circle, and chirp. The combination of the casual Organic Cotton T-shirts which are suitable for the city, the vivid colors and honest statements succeed and resonate. I know what I want. I'm hungry for color, fun, life.

You think of summer rain, creeping at night with drinks in swimming pools, bilking, scuttling Daddy’s sailboat in Lake Constance, festivals, neon fight, pillow fight, smurf ice-cream, sunglasses, sunny balcony. 

A limited edition of bags is now available at www.effekthascherei.net

Please find more photos at http://thecoup.de/labels/effekthascherei . We would be happy if the clap trap catches your attention. 

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