Ellipse bag. Fake or Authentic?

by Laurel

This is a bag that was handed to me by a family member some time ago. It's a nicely made bag, from what I can see. It's heavy and seems to be sturdy, smells of leather. I am NOT a LV collector, but, just doing my own research, I believe this to be a pretty decent fake. Before I send it to Goodwill, I want to get. some more expert opinions

Some of the damning evidence:
-too many stitches
-no date code
-patterns don't line up perfectly
-a little leather tag inside that I can't seem to find on other online pictures
-crappy (or just old?) lock that I broke trying to open
-a key that I could only find one example of anywhere online
-cheap and/or colored metal on the key ring

Thanks in advance!


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Dec 27, 2015
Monogram NEW
by: Louie

Sorry.. But it seems not legit.. Aside from the thing you have mentioned i also niticed that the handles were a bit too long (ive seen these bags often) and the red glazing on the edge of the leather is thinly coated... Also if the bag is old the leather should oxidize already or what we call patina.. It should get darker as it gets old...

Oct 05, 2015
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