Emily, vintage fashion lover

by Emily Jane Beal
(Oxendale, 2 North End Cottages, Scampston, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO178NG.)

Well, my name is Emily Beal, and it's simple I LOVE vintage fashion! The 1940's are my favourite era of the 19's it was a gorgeous year to be a woman. The clothing and hair was so stylish and lady-like, I just love it! The women of 1940 did not realise how popular there clothing would become in the years to come.

Many people now are getting involved in vintage fashion(which is great), and there are more and more people falling in love with it! People can not resist the patterns, trimmings and effortless style that the 19's captured so easily. It is more popular than it ever was.

But unfortunately some businesses are copying vintage style, to me it's just not the same. Vintage is vintage and you can't copy the history of (for example) a polka-dot dress from the 1950's, oh if only the dress could talk, it would tell us of the hard-ships it's owner went through, the long, warm summer nights that it was worn in.Oh if only.

Vintage fashion is the style that will carry on getting popular and then more popular, because it's so beautiful and indulgent, you get lost in the soft touch of velvet and the simmer of diamonds glittering against a fur coat.Oh it's unforgetable that feeling when your wearing vintage, you feel like a queen!

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Mar 21, 2013
real vintage
by: betty Marshall

I agree! the real vintage is the best! x

Jan 24, 2012
Culbert and lofte
by: Anonymous

If you love vintage have a look at www.culbertandlofte.com they have some great items.

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