Grandmothers LV bag Real or Replica

by Mike Jr
(Kentucky USA)

Inner pocket with LV zip on left

Inner pocket with LV zip on left

Inner pocket with LV zip on left
bottom of Neverfull canidate
Broadside shot
strap stitching

Grandmother passed away, while going through her room found a little bit of everything, she had nearly 90 years of collecting. :D

She loved this tote, she talked about getting it when she and Granddad went on world tour vacation in the mid to late 80's. Late 86 to 88 range. I was out of high school, and in the Air Force at the time; left in 92.

My aunts are split 2 say Real, 2 say Fake. So I am trying to research it.

I think its a knock-off because of the bottom, also I can not find the coded tag.

All the metal is stamped with Louis Vuitton, the inner zipper and the clasp have the LV.

(look like they are on top of each other with the upright of the L at a slight angle)

The stitching seems to be angled just a bit when I looked at it under magnification.

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