How much should start biding price for Joesph La Rose shoes

Never bought or sold anything on e-bay before.
I have done some research on Joesph La Rose and couldn't find anything close to the type of shoes I'd like to auction.

They are two tone crock leather stiletto slingbacks with two gold pins on each side of the lighter crock leather, size 7m.


VFC: Joseph Larose shoes price very massively: from as little as £5 (~7.5$) to £300 (~450$) or even more if the shoes are a collectible item.

The price depends on the condition of the vintage Joseph Larose shoes, their age and the actual shoes model.

From what you've described, your shoes sound very temptating, if they are in perfect condition and you feel that they must cost a lot go to a professional vintage fashion auction so that the fashion specialist investigate and value them for you.

A picture would help to tell you more about the price.

There are some Joseph Larose shoes currently being sold on e-bay:
Vintage Joseph Larose

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