I cant find a model number on my wallet?

by lana

I dont know if my wallet is real or fake.

VFC: Hi Lana,

If you are asking about a Louis Vuitton vintage wallet, there can be many reasons why there is no numbers on your wallet.

Firstly, it's probably not 'a model number' but a date code you are looking for.

As for the date codes on vintage LV items, some of them from the early 1980's and back may have no date code at all.

Although, the majority of Louis Vuitton pieces produced during 80's and later will have a date code. So the rule is 'No date code should give rise to suspicion'

So I would highly recommend to investigate the whole item before announcing the verdict. You can upload your pictures here or email them to us on vintagefashionclub@gmail.com, or show your wallet to your local LV retailer for authentication.


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