I LIKE BUNNIES Patchwork Design on TOFA Lightwriting





I LIKE BUNNIES presents the recent fall/winter collection PATCHWORK FAMILY in an outstanding co-operation with the lightwriting artist TOFA. This way, the urban collection is presented in a way that makes us wait happily for winter in the city.

I LIKE BUNNIES – This statement and the object referred to is as smart casual as the collection of this Berlin based label. Claudia Fauth creates top-quality patchwork design and I LIKE BUNNIES reflects Berlin as the home of easy going and casual fashion. The a/w collection “Patchwork Family“ combines traditional patchwork techniques and transforms sweater fabric cardigans, unisex trousers, sweater blazer and hooded scarves or tube scarves into showpieces. Patches and embroidery of the collection are set individually and give therefore always uniqueness. All items are hand crafted in Berlin.

TOFA aka Chris Noelle is a lightwriting photographer based in Berlin. Working with number of commercial clients and magazines, he has over eight years experience in the lightwriting technique. His main focus is in urban photography as well as portraiture and advertising. His distinctive style has its roots from a passionate mixture of streetart, graffiti, sports and urban space photography. TOFA started his practice in lightwriting in 2003 by an influence of Netherlands art-collective Pipslab.

In 2005 he collaborated with wellknown urban-art activists Akim and Zasd in a lightwriting session that lead to a very personal interest. It was only three months later when he had his first fashion-series publication in the international magazine Streetwear Today.

His main focus in photography is on lightwriting and since that, a special technique of longtime exposure photography that combines
traditional photography with elements of accentuated lightstrokes and graffiti.

 His explicit style has led to works for Sony, Carlsberg, Lacoste, Red Bull, Carhartt and publications in IdN, Die Gestalten Verlag,
 Page magazine, Frame, Art magazine and his fashion-series have been featured in Streetwear Today and JPeople, shortfilms and
photos in IdN (China), TV-Reports for Arte and ARD and also include many individual art-concepts.

He often works together with
breakdance-worldchampions Flying Steps and has a special passion for extremesports due to his former pro-bike-trials career. 

His photographs are combining not only sports and urban space but also show a clear concept for outrageous compositions.

He is fascinated by merging human posings and graffiti-elements with the surrounding enviornment and has a weakness for darkness,
hard but beautiful concrete looks and lost spaces. Unexpected aspects like selfdesigned characters and frozen-moves
elements give a freshness and depth to his work. Tofa is working as freelancer photographer besides his regular work as artdirector for the legendary Techno Club Tresor in Berlin.

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