Indonesian Vintage Fashion Market

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Thanks to lovely Tatiana who is running Pasar Vintage which is one of Indonesia's only online vintage clothing stores and designs her own accessories line called Mojo Piece.

That's what Tatiana kindly told us about her own vintage business and Indonesian vintage tendencies

Indonesian Vintage

Indonesia has a very rich culture, heritage and art scene, however vintage threads do not have the same following as in some other Western countries. I think this is partly due to the fact that many people here believe that buying 'new' things makes a positive statement on your economic status and being a third world country people buy into that mentality. We are trying to prove otherwise!

Pasar Vintage is very new. My partner Anouk and I started it only in late May this year. Although we have only been up and running for only two months now, our facebook page is quite happening!

We are pulling together a community in Indonesia that promotes the artistic lifestyle through expression of wear... and do it all at a good price! We currently have 5 themed albums showcasing vintage and pre-loved vintage inspired styles. Every Friday we upload new items for our FRIDAY FINDS and we have weekly competitions with give a ways for our WE LOVE MONDAYS promotions. Besides selling clothes we are really hoping to help promote young designers, stylists, photographers, models, bloggers etc. on our site. We do that through featuring various talents in our weekly albums and our new WOMEN IN THE SPOTLIGHT feature.

Indonesian Vintage

Indonesian Vintage

Pasar Vintage Facebook Page

Pasar Vintage Twitter Page

Mojo Piece is what I like to call 'my funkedelic concept of costume jewelry!'  I started making accessories late last year that are strongly influenced by my artistic passions, including Gaudi, Dali, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Blues music.

Indonesian Vintage

Indonesian Vintage

Indonesian Vintage

Indonesian Vintage

Here is a bit about it....

Each ‘Mojo Piece’ is handcrafted with love, designed to compliment the character and soul. Made with spirit and ready to wear.  Blues musicians, such as the legendary Lightning Hopkins have sung about these mystic Mojo Bags, or more commonly known as Mojo Hands. It roots from Black American Voodoo customs. A Mojo Hand is a very special, spiritual bag infused with life. Mojo Hands are filled with sacred items and worn on the person. The Mojo Hand can bring luck, beauty, love or comfort to its wearer.

Mojo Hands will carry odd amounts of items. The contents vary since a Mojo Hand is personalized for individual wishes and needs. Traditionally you may find pieces such as bones, stones, or writings in its contents. Very often Mojo Hands will be doused in perfume or other mysterious fragrances. Each ‘Mojo Piece’ is delivered in its own custom Mojo Bag.

Indonesian Vintage

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