Is a LV fake?

by Maria


I found this handbag in an old family closet.
I don't know if it's a fake... I don't like the look of the zipper, seems low quality.
Can you help me?



Hi Maria.

It looks like a very beautiful bag, honestly.
A little bit of history. The checkered canvas is called Damier Canvas originally designed in 1888. Damier Canvas is the trademark Louis Vuitton staple. Since 1996, Louis Vuitton has launched a complete line of city and travel bags and small leather accessories in Damier canvas.

Now, about your beautiful bag.

From what I can see

1. The font Louis Vuitton Paris made in France is not the font LV usually use. Louis Vuitton uses a very specific font. Look at 'O'
on this picture on the authentic LV bag.
It looks different, doesn't it?
Please try to upload more pictures next time

2. Metal Lock

Metal on authentic Louis Vuitton bags turns into it a kind of bronze-color and dark luster, but never bright gold and strong reflectance like on Pic.2.

3. On Pic.2 I also find the stitching uneven on left and right side of the Louis-Vuitton-Paris-made-in-France square.

4. Look inside this square piece of leather, on real LV bags the size of the bag will be printed at the back of the square.
5. Zipper

Have a look what's written there. Louis Vuitton vintage bags can have Talon or Eclair zipper pulls, more recent Louis Vuitton have LV pulls.
But to be honest, I think you are right about the zipper, it doesn't look like a bad quality cheap zipper, although if it's old it might have been replaced.
6. For more evidence look inside the bag for the serial number and dates of production.

Although it's a nice vintagy looking bag. I wouldn't rely on it's being authentic LV. As usually with Louis Vuitton: if there is a doubt about it's authentic than it's a fake.

Come back to us any time, Maria.
And please upload more pictures next time.


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May 03, 2014
this is not a real LV
by: Anonymous

sorry, this is not a real LV bag

May 18, 2013
is it fake or real LV hand bag
by: mimi

I have a luie vuitton hand bag, the tag has sp0038
Is it fake or real

Dec 20, 2012
Spot a fake LV
by: Anonymous

I am still now wiser. I think spotting a real LV is to be left to the experts.

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