It'sNot a FAKE!

by Jane

Hi, Back in 1979 with much excitement I had finally saved up enough money to buy a Louis Vuitton Bag. It was all the rage back then and I couldn't wait to have one. I drove to Neiman Marcus and purchased my bag and a matching wallet. Now 34 years later I have decided to part with my bag. I put it up for auction on ebay only to have it suspended because someone reported it as a fake!!

Unfortunately, pre 1980 bags did not have a date code so I guess they assume it's fake. It has a stain on the inside leather, dang ink pens, and the buckle both on the zipper and the clasp that it went into have come off. The thread on the handle is starting to come loose, but other then that it is in great shape. No cracks, the handles are in great shape, the zipper still works well and the leather is still as beautiful as the day I bought it. I went to the Louis Vuitton Store and they said they couldn't verify the Authenticity because it dated to far back and would not be in their data base.

They would only verify items that were in the data base. But he did say I had a lovely rare vintage Louis Vuitton piece.

Two questions, 1: How do I prove it's real, and 2: how much do you think it should sell for???

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