Keepall 45, is it real? Or Super Fake

by Trent Hughes
(Toronto, Canada)

Hi there,

I recently purchased this LV Keepall 45 from Japan. I've been seeing some videos on Youtube saying watch out for 'super fakes from Japan' eeeeeeeeeeeek. I studied quite a bit before going ahead with the purchase, also because it was a Paypal transaction, the buyer accepts returns. Here are the pictures that were on Ebay and I can verify it is the same bag that I received.

Some things that throw me off is the the date stamp reads VI 0990 which I know is France, September 1990. But given then the age of the bag, it seems to be in too good of condition. Especially the leather parts. I've read that the Japanese Super Fakes are aged intentionally. There are some 'ripples' slightly in areas and a strange marking that runs the length of the side straps from the handles. It's like a piece of clear tape was placed along the leather and then removed because you can see the mmh hard to explain..imagine you took the.. or possibly from a press.

The stitching colour concerned me as I was reading it should be a mustard colour, not bright yellow. But from looking on the Louis Vuitton website, it seems the same. So maybe it's ok. i'm thinking too if it's from 1990, the stitching all over seems in great condition. Still very bright. Inside the bag is spotless, which is weird I guess given the age? Not even one stain?

The brass fixtures all looked aged as you would expect, some with green bits from corrosion. But again I read this can be achieved with the the right chemicals, you'll see the build up of green stuff on the date stamp photo. it's also feels a little stiff. I'm not sure how it should feel, I Imagined somewhat softer and more loose and floppy... I have a real LV Pocket Organiser but it's quite structured so hard to compare. I also read ( maybe I should stop, lol) that sand paper can be used to scuff up areas of the leather to age it.
Anyways, hoping you might be able to assist me. I have more pix if required.

Hi Trent,

It's an amazing analysis you've already done to your bag. It's heard to add anything. It all sounds very optimistic as for me.
Although if you want a 100% professional answer I would recommend you to go to Louis Vuitton retailers and ask for their assistance.

Another thing to do before you ask LV consultants is actually exploring all the images and all the views of this bag they have on official web site

Sorry, you probably was hoping for a simple answer, but unfortunately there is no shortcut with Louis Vuitton bags.
Good luck with your further investigation and keep us updated.


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May 19, 2012
Great Investigation
by: Vintage Fashion Club

Hi Trent,

Thanks for your fascinating story. It's an incredible job you've done while investigating the authenticity of your bag. You are a great inspiration to to all of us - vintage designers' bags hunters.

We are thinking about righting an article on our blog about you and your LV bag. So please do keep us posted. We all are waiting for a 'happy ending' of this great story.

Kind regards,

May 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks Alena. THe seller has had an authentication by ( who charges for her services ) so I am waiting to get her input. I did pop into a Louis Vuitton store yesterday without the bag just to get a 'feel' on the genuine product. I'm pretty sure now that I have bought an original. I think a key thing to remember with bags like these if that the buyers/owners generally are people that will really look after the item, use the dust bag, probably have it cleaned etc. I want to get some feedback from them on the authenticity. My seller was very adamant though in telling me that a workdwide directive went out to all LV sales staff not to do this, but it's the discrection of each store. Ebay will only accept written confirmation from a LV store for Fake claims, this and apparently only 2 other idenpendent sites that charge. So I rang the LV store today to inquire about getting monogramming done on the luggage tag. The assistant said it's a free service, I told her the bag was second hand that and she said it's still a free service. So I thought I would try this avenue to try and get some help on the authenticity. . But I'm fairly confident now I have the real thing. I'll keep you posted.

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