Louis Vuitton Authentication Service

by Steve
(Dickinson, Texas)

I was trying to sell a bag and it got booted.. I looked at everything and the bag seems legite.. I had a 14 day return and all but still got booted. I would never want to sell a fake to anyone.
Now I am gunshy and pulled the other two purses i had on there off also. Is there anyone I can send this Louis Vuitton purse, clutch or whatever to have appraised and authenicated? I will pay for it. I want it to be right. Everything I have read shows this to be real. The site I sell on can get a complaint and that is is. I wrote on there I was a guy and didn't know much about purses. I opened this bag and I went over it with a fine tooth comb comparing it to the ones "THey" hqad for sale. Other than being in better shape it looks right. All the tags are in the right place. The logos are right. I give up.

I am not allowed to sell it there again anywayu even if I get the documentation. I need to find someone first to tell me it is real and then to sell it for me. If it is fake I will burn it. You can email me at sshspence@aol.com if you would like to help. I would give 30% of the sale price to the one that authenicates it and sells it. I also have the two nice looking GUESS purses I pulled off.


email...sshspence@aol.com email me if you can help...thanks

Hi Steve,

These websites might be helpful for you to identify your items. But yes, they do charge for their service. I'm not sure if they can sell your purses for you, but it's definitely worth contacting them:



Please, keep us updated.
Good luck and best wishes,
Alena Lobunets

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Nov 06, 2017
Want to know. NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a Louis Vuitton purse and need to know if it's authentic. For what I looked up it seems like it is
. Can you all help me?

Jun 12, 2016
Louis Vuitton NEW
by: mstricia

i have a Louis Vuitton suit carrier 0008701lv the I want to sell can you put me in the right direction?

Apr 13, 2014
vintage louis vuitton steamer trunk
by: Bruce Smith

I have a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk that was made anywhere from 1850 that late 1880s its got around top that's how I know the age and I also know that Louis him self made this drunk when he was an apprentice so this truck has a lot of significance it doesn't look like much because it's very raw it was one of his first works if anyone out there is interested in helping me to get my trunkauthenticatedplease text back or email me at true red 6111 Gmaildot comI've contacted mini appraisers but none of them can appraise a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk but one of the appraisers she said the last try with the Round Top when at auction for $21,000

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