Louis Vuitton Bag Authentication

by Amy

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Hi, I found your website and was hoping you could tell me if my purse was real or not. I picked it up at an auction because I liked it. The more I read on the Internet the more I wonder if it's real. If you have time to give me your thoughts that would be great! I can't find any numbers or date stamp.

Hi Ami,

I have to say unfortunately your bag is not a genuine LV.

The name of the authentic LV model, this bag is copied from, is Louis Vuitton Monogram Multipli Cite Tote
the LV bag is made of be made of Monogram canvas and natural cowhide leather and it is of this size: 15.3" x 10.6" x 4.7"

Many things are wrong with this bag, just to name a few:
1. On the original Louis Vuitton Monogram Multipli Cite Tote it is one piece bottom not the joint (img 1)
2. It is a leather little square inside badge -- not the part of the pocket (img 3)
3. Louis Vuitton font is wired: too much of a gap between TT in VUITTON (img 3)

Hope it helps,
sorry for a bad news,

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