Louis Vuitton Men's Bag???

by Em

Hello, I purchased this brown bag the other day when out thrift shopping. The price was low enough for me to be willing to risk it, and after a lot of inspection I feel that it could be real, but there is not as much information on identifying men's bags as there are with the most notable women's LV bags.

The bag is dark brown and embossed with the monogram lightly on the exterior of the bag. There are no overlaps or cut offs from what I have been able to see. The bag is in great condition besides some scuffing on the outside, and is VERY well made. I have not been able to find any inconsistencies in the stitching and everything on the bag feels like quality material. I have not been able to find any serial number or DC.

I am not expecting this bag to be real, but it would be a really wonderful find if it is. Even if it isn't, does anyone know what bag this one would be replicating? I have not been able to find any entirely similar online. I also just assumed it was a men's small shoulder/messenger bag, but I suppose it could possibly be women's?

Please email me with your thoughts at 3milyeden@gmail.com or comment below. Thank you!

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Dec 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

This bag might be authentic. It was made in Spain in2002.

Jun 30, 2014
More info
by: Original Poster

Since writing this page, I did find the serial number on the inside of the pocket of the bag. It is CA1002 if this helps with identifying/verifying at all. Thanks so much for looking :)

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