Louis Vuitton wallet: Is it authentic

by D. Nathaniel
(East Hanover, NJ, USA)

My sister purchased numerous LV items from the LV store in Paris back in the late 1970's and early 1980's. I tried to sell one of the wallets on Ebay and was told by a potential buyer that the wallet was not authentic because LV never made a wallet with a slanted coin purse, LV never made a wallet with the type of cloth that is in the place that holds dollar bills and because the wallet does not have a code. I find it hard to believe that a LV store would sell items that were not authentic, however, I want to authenticate the items. I have 2 more wallets from the same time period that also do not have codes. Please see pictures and hopefully you can shed some light on this dilemma! Thanks for your help.

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