Men's Vintage Clothing and How to Get the Most of it

Not every guy has the courage to wear men's vintage clothing. It’s much easier to chose an ordinary stuff, whether from a high street store or from a designer’s boutique. To have your own style you need a little bit of effort.

If you are one of those guys who has already chosen vintage clothing and feel comfortable enough to chose and to wear it, well, you are definitely in a winning position. You don’t even have a big style competition among the other boys, because not many guys has a nerve to look different and not everyone has the ability and the talent to choose clothing that looks vintage.

Mens Vintage Clothing

What if you want to ad a little bit of vintage to your style and don't know where to start from?

And you know what? You are in the right place to be helped in finding a perfect style. The good news is that it's definitely worth the effort and it's really easy.

Firs of all, look at yourself from a different perspective. What you like, how you look, what life style you have, how much money you can spend on your clothing. Relax you don’t necessarily need a play boy's appearance, neither do you need a thick wallet to look stylish, what you definitely have to gain is self-esteem, firm position (both in life and your fashion style) and a little bit of knowledge (which in it’s turn will support the firs two), the knowledge that you can easily get here on Vintage Fashion Club.

What you can get from the men's vintage clothing

You have to admit, for most guys any shopping is hard; vintage shopping may be even twice as hard unless you've got a real eye for quality and extensive knowledge on where to find the good stuff.

To make your vintage shopping easy and successful, first let’s define what is the men's vintage clothing. Well, it is clothing that was produced from the beginning of 1920s to the end of 1980s.

What will men's vintage clothing bring into your life?

  • style;
  • independence into men's appearance;
  • variety;
  • and finally vintage clothing will save your money;

What’s the best way to be prepared for the vintage shopping?

Before you go shopping, think about the different eras: 20s, 30s, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's and the fashion icons that come into mind. Personally into my mind come:

  • D. Bowie comes from the 70th fashion;
  • David Niven from the 40s;
  • James Dean from 50s;
  • The Beatles from 60s;
Visit 20th Century Fashion for more information about 20th century's and each separate decade's styles. Learn the tendencies, look through the fashion trends of each separate decade. It’s not that you are going to follow them but it’s always better to know the rules you are going to break.

Don’t forget about accessories as well. Vintage eyeglasses for example are the perfect way to complete your vintage outfit. And a cool vintage suitcase also adds a little pizzazz to your non-vintage wardrobe.

Here are some online shops for men's vintage clothing:

Vintage Whistles
England's leading supplier of top quality vintage Harris Tweed jackets for men;

Stuarts London
Men’s vintage and retro inspired clothing and accessories store;

Savvy Raw
Online retailer of classic men's vintage clothing. Recommended by ‘The Times Online’ as a source of authentic vintage attire for the Goodwood Revival Meeting;

Fashion Beans
Vintage and vintage style clothing for men. Huge variety of brands;

The Chap
Men's vintage magazine online;

Vintage shop for men where will find anything you dream about: vintage clothing, uniforms, luggage and hand bags, weapons, hunting and fishing, ivory and fur.

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