Mini montsouris backpack

by Nadia


I just received my mm backpack from a reputable ebay seller. The code is SP0987. Up on doing research and comparing the backpack to my own newer LV speedy, I am almost convinced that the backpack is real. The following are things about the bag that concern me, but I've been able to rationalize, however I'm hoping to get your opinion:

1. There is no inside pocket (however, my research shows me that the SP0987 with the top handle do not appear to have this inside pocket.

2. The bottom "leather" doesn't seem soft? should it? (it is a fairly old bag, and I suppose that after years of not being treated it could turn hard? crack? etc..) Note: i have been placing drops of water on it and it appears to be leaving a faint stain.

3. It smells odd. (I am guessing that where the bags are stored, perhaps there is a chemical in the air to preserve the quality of bags.)

4. Will the leather still change colour after so long?

Everything else checks out.

Here is the link to the ebay pictures:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!



fellow LV lover

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Aug 05, 2014
Genuine bag
by: Anonymous

In my opinion this bag is need to be worried. The leather on the base of the bag is thicker and harder.the vachetta leather is genuine.the lining is correct, fonts are correct, colour of thread is correct, spacing of stitches is good.

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