my louis vuitton hand bag

by paul boundey
(england uk,Wallsend Tyne & Wear)

I have a hand bag that I was given by my daughter when she visited the states,having had many years of using the bag,I decided to put it on Ebay. ai took lots of pictures of my louis vuitton hand bag and finally put the bag on E bay,not long after I recieved a message to say I had violated E bays regulations and basically they took my bag off .I am devastated by this experience,I wrote an Email asking them to explain why they assumed my bag was a fake and I never even got a reply! This bag was bought as a genuine LV and my daughter who is also very upset has been told by several collectors of LV that in their opinion the bag is genuine.I wanted to know how they came to deem my bag a fake as since I have looked through all the listings of similar bags and theres not anything that I can see by my pictures of this bag that they could come to this decision.While I do understand that theres many good fakes out there and my daughter may have been ripped off, all I wanted was a reason why they thought it a fake and with respect I do believe I deserved a response.
Thank you for reading this , hopefully will give a response,
Paul Boundey.

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