My Thrift store Hopefully Vintage LV

by Dawn
(Baltimore, MD)

Front of bag

Front of bag

Front of bag
Inside Zipper
Inside Label
Front Label

I bought a LV purse from the thrift store and I was very leery because there was no date code or serial number inside. I bought it anyway because it seems to be of good quality.

Please let me know what you think. The zipper pull does concern me a bit. Also, I don't know what kind of LV bag this is. The pictures make the straps look light, but they are actually honey or caramel colored.

Hi Dawn,

You are absolutely right to suspect that something is wrong with the zipper. It should never look like this on the authentic Louis Vuitton items.

But not only that, the lining bothers me a lot, the material doesn't look right to me. Then the embossed LV logo on the labels is completely wrong, it should be © sign instead.

Also LV monogram on the canvas of the bag is covered/stitched which never is on the front of LV bags.

Monogram canvas is not symmetrical as well.

Sorry for the bad news.

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