My Vintage Experience

by Denise Bullock
(Atlanta, Georgia)

THE Dress

THE Dress

I am in search of an answer. This answer has been on my mind for over 2 years now and I'm just dying to find someone who knows. I purchased a vintage wedding gown in 2011. It is stunning in every sense of the word. Boat necked beaded and sequin top, with a ball gown silk organza(or so I was told by my faithful seamstress) bottom half. The owners of the "thriftique" told me a little story behind this gorgeous gown. They said the dress was worn in a Vogue fashion shoot from the 1950/1960s. I can't confirm this tale but more importantly, I can't seem to find anyone who has even heard of the label! My dress says "Po Couture" on the label, and under that name it says "New York". I have spent countless hours on dead-end Google searches. In addition, email after email has been sent to "experts" but no answers. Who is Po Couture? My curiosity is about to kill the cat soon, so I was hoping you would have just a sliver of information about this label. Anything would help scratch this itch!


Curious Girl

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