Portobello Market
on September Sunday 2010

This is the most famous vintage market in London. And because of its fame some of vintage fashion boutiques have turned to be simply souvenir shops for tourists. Although you can still find the best vintage firs, vintage bags and other stuff on Portobello Market, you just need to know where to look... and where not to...

Portobello Market Corner Shop

Where to start

Ok, if you haven't been there before, or in case if you have been there though you are as 'good' in navigation as me, here is the simplest direction:

1. Take a Tube or a Bus to Notting Hill Gate

2. Take the left entrance from the tube

3. And now straightaway you will see this cute sign:

Portobello Market Sign

4. and as it said on it: first right, second left

5. Than you will get to the Portobello Road

Portobello Road

And here it is started!!!

Portobello Market Vintage Laguage
Portobello Market Lamp
Portobello Market
Portobello Market Accessories

Portobello Vintage Shops

But don't spend all of your money, time and energy straight at the beginning, those shops are mostly for tourists.

Although you will find vintage stuff from different eras here. For example, this is a very stylish Art-Deco shop:

Portobello Market Art Deco

Good Fairy market will surprise you with its accessories and antiques.

Good Fairy Market

Than you will meet gorgeous Appletree Boutique. Vintage inspired clothes, accessories and interior accessories are really very beautifully made &mdash they look vintage, but they are brand new. Definitely pop in. They have not only accessories, great dresses and bags, the interior of the shop itself is fascinating: bright yellow wooden floor, funky lamps, mirrors and frames everywhere, it looks really cool.

Prices are pleasant as well, not too cheap though: dresses £35-£40, tops and tee shirts £15-£20…

Portobello Market Appletree Portobello Market Appletree Portobello Market Appletree interior

One more cute vintage shop on Portobello Market is Gladis:

Gladis Shop

Portobello Prices

And finally you get to the real vintage second hand market. Oh, here is the nicest vintage stuff you can only imagine. I was very into vintage fir jackets this time.

I can share my fir experience: firs are different quality and different age, when you choose do t carefully, pay attention on the sleeves £mash they age the most. The prices are: 1960s shirt nice mink jacket is £250. It's a kind of average rate for all the fir sellers. They must have had an agreement between them, I guess…

Beautiful cow-fir bag was £35 and it was from 1940s. Many leather pretty bags were from £10.

Portobello Market bag

Scarfs from only £1.
Actually, regarding the prices, the further from the Notting Hill Gate &mdash the cheaper, That's why I recommend you once again: don't spend your money from the very beginning of the Portobello Road, better look it through to the end of the road first.

Good luck with your vintage fashion shopping on the great Portobello Market!

And than share your unique experience with us.

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