Brilliant Retro Lingerie Ideas for Your Vintage Date, Erotic Mood or Just for Fun!

Retro Lingerie secrets

There are some pieces from your wardrobe which will never be seen by anyone (except maybe from your partner). And actually, the reason you are purchasing beautiful, stylish lingerie is loving yourself enough to treat with those little delicate pieces of silk or nylon.

Vintage Lingerie camisole

If you are in an erotic mood you can put on a metal clasp suspender belts, nobody will know that you wear this vintage beauty, only you, but everyone will notice that erotic sparkle in your eyes because you will feel excited all day long until your hot date at night.

If you want to play, choose a vintage bullet bra underneath your everyday outlet (why not have fun?)

And finally if you want to look gorgeous, wear a vintage corset &mdash the function of the vintage corset is pushing up the breasts and sucking in the stomach were, and while probably not very comfortable, it helps you achieve the desired look of slim waistlines without sacrificing your bosoms.

In order to help you to find and choose the best vintage lingerie, we prepared for you:

  • all the names of the vintage undergarments,
  • how they look,
  • how they fit,
  • what are the best items to combine together,
  • what are the brightest lingerie trends of each decade

and other exciting facts of the retro lingerie on VintageFashionClub!

1920s vintage lingerie is boyish shaped style

Most of the vintage correcting lingerie of the 20s was made to get that flat manly shape and look Slips, negligees and chemises adopted this box-shaped silhouette &mdash the trend of the 1920s.

Many other lingerie items of 1920s are often in lace-trimmed chiffon fabrics that hung loosely in the frame, often cut in the same way as the dresses of the era.

Vintage slipping cap is one more important and charming detail you may find useful for your vintage style night dressing.

The vintage caps are made from lace and silk with ribbons, bows and flower details. The era also introduced the boudoir caps, which are used by women to keep their coiffure in place.

One more of the 1920s lingerie is "step-in" chemise, where the lingerie are lavishly decorated with big lace and clustered silk ribbons shaped into flowers. The vintage step-in chemise may be paired with stylish step-in pantaloons.

Vintage Lingerie Lace Hat

To get 1920 vintage look &mdash flat and boyish, there are some more vintage undergarments:

  • vintage semi-laced step-in corset, delicately boned at the back;
  • rubber brassiere that gave off the much desired, sought-after "flat lines" in the chest;
  • Bramley Corsele, which was a corset and brassiere combination made of striped satin batiste in the color of flesh, hidden under the flapper dress.
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Vintage lingerie of the 1930s was very serene and graceful

Retro lingerie from 1930s got influenced by Hollywood stars of that time, they dictated the body shape, such as Marlene Dietrich and Jean Harlow.The bust was back in fashion and bras with fitted cups were developed for the first time.
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1940s and1950s vintage lingerie are quite remarkable as well

The lingerie from that time is presented with seamed stockings with metal clasp suspenders, girdles and corsets which are types of vintage lingerie that are still common place. Now, they are much more modern and look like imitations of the vintage corset lingerie that were able to shape the body in ways that later corset versions can not.

Now they are back as retro lingerie storms the large jaded modern lingerie ranges of today with stunning lace bras and bullet bras and beautiful what katie did lingerie designed to set the hearts thumping of both men and women alike as the ladies full shape and elegance is highlighted by retro lace up corsets, frilly knickers and proper metal clasp suspender belts that have clasps that don't snap and crack within 6 minutes of purchase.

Suspender straps that look like they are from proper movies with proper stars in retro lingerie.

Vintage Linngerie Corset Pantalons

A corselette is a combination of a girdle and bra. Extremely popular in the 1950s due to their ability to accentuate more than one part of the body at once, corselettes are a must-have for any stylish retro lingerie fan and essential in the woman's wardrobe. When vintage lingerie is mentioned, it is often corselettes that come to mind. The upper bra often had a cleavage gap so you could show off your newly enhanced goods in a sexy evening ball gown.

Vintage corselettes are much harder and tafter than modern corsets, it is strongly recommended to try them before buying or to learn as much as possible about them before purchasing if you buy it online.
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and 1950s Fashion Vintage lingerie fabrics

Vintage lingerie is a pleasure to look back at because it was the introduction of new materials such as nylon and pure cotton. Having these fabrics used in undergarments was a new phenomenon in the 1950s, and everything from bras to petticoats became more comfortable and breathable for the women who wore them.

Imagine wearing vintage lingerie undergarments before cotton and mesh were run of the mill fabrics! Young women today cannot even fathom what it was like pre-1950s to wear such things. Which is why the new retro nylon and pure cotton lingerie garments were that much more popular when they were rolled out onto the fashion scene in the mid 1950s.

Conical Bras

Vintage lingerie from this time period is actually famous for the conical vintage lingerie bra or bullet bra as it made the breasts bullet shaped which gave support to girls who wanted to look like a sweater girl seen often on film.

Retro lingerie from the 1950s definitely left its mark on the map with innovative designs and fabric choices. Even today, women study this vintage lingerie and some even scope out vintage shops ad specialty websites in order to own some of their own.

Lycra Retro Lingerie from 1960s

In its turn 60's saw the introduction of the wonder-fibre Lycra, the first vintage tights are from 60s.

Manufacturers were certainly inventive and produced more and more lightweight Brassieres. Panties grew smaller and smaller and here they were &mdash the first bikini briefs.
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1980s lingerie

In the 1980s rounded breast and the padded bosom came with a bang, and wired bras became popular.

A lot of 1980s lingerie is shoulder padded. It was that popular that even some bras from 1980s have pads on their shoulder stripes.

Vintage silky camisoles and lacy bras came from 80s. Retailers such as Victorias Secret and La Perla are from vintage 80s were bringing back a basque revival together with its matching briefs and stockings.
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Corset outwear

Avant-garde designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier played with the concept of underwear as outerwear, and corsetry and bras were utilized as fashionable outerwear, inspired by the punk street fashions of the late seventies.

You chose your vintage underwear so that it lays good on you, it makes your body look the best it can, and sometimes some tiny bits of your bra or knickers/pants, can be seen flatteringly sitting out from your top/jeans.

And those tiny bits say much about you, and what it should tell is the following: “I do care about myself, I chose my retro lingerie very carefully, because yes my outfit is what I want you to think about me, but my underwear is what I think about myself”

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