Russian Vintage.
Story of Soviet Fashion

What Russian vintage Fashion is like?

Russian Vintage is an actual history of Soviet fashion. As you can imagine soviet fashion had its own strong image, which had been hidden from the rest of the world for such a long time &mdash almost a century...

And because or that, discovering Russian retro fashion has turned into discovering a mystery.

Russian Vintage girl

Strangely enough the whole Soviet history is actually vintage.Why do I think so? Because

  • It's exactly the vintage time period: 1920s &mdash 1990s
  • Soviet fashion is unique and quite remarkable in it's own way
  • It's pure history: every soviet fashion trend absorbed the epoch's values and moods
  • And the soviet fashion history is not old enough to forget completely what it was like, but it is old enough to forget bad but remember good and finally start missing those little things that were so common in Soviet Union during last century, I say ‘miss’ because I was born and grew up in USSR, and that's what I feel; and I’m sure my generation does remember the weird (but dear) Soviet fashion as well

Russian vintage couple

Although for the rest of the world Soviet 20s century fashion was something unknown and unseen. So what does Russian vintage look like?

Basically Soviet fashion was monumental as everything else in USSR.

Because of the current idea of the country was make everyone look the same, it reflected on the fashion as well. The government even had this idea to design look alike uniform for the whole country, it was being planed but luckily enough there wasn’t enough fabric for such a big country, so it didn’t happen.

But we had pretty much look alike outfits anyway. Grey was a dominant colour in clothing: practical and modest! Not a big variety of clothing was in the shops, don’t forget there was no market economy, so shops didn’t care what people need, they sold what the government told them to sell (practical and modest clothing)

Some Items came to us from Western Europe BUT utilised and simplified, all the interesting 'provocative' details had been removed. Don't forget soviet girls and boys shouldn't bee too different...

Russian vintage ledy

Although there were good things about soviet fashion:

  • Every garment or an accessories that had been manufactured in the USSR performed great quality
  • Strong durable material to wear for ages
  • Perfectly straight and neat stitches
  • High quality manufacturing

Russian vintage ad

Also USSR has left its bright and strong retro simbols:

  • Matreshka
  • USSR gerb
  • Soviet red star
  • Soviet Constructivism
  • Soviet Army Shinel fabrics
  • Karakul (sheep) Brezhnev style hat
  • Russian fur hats
  • USSR map
  • Red boots

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