Vintage Fashion by Vixen Vintage and Solanah

Vintage Fashion Club is caring on interviewing vintage fashion bloggers. This time it's charming Solanah &mdash the author of Vixen Vintage, a fabulous fashion blog about vintage.

Solanah-Vintage Fashion

VFC: Hi Solanah, please introduce yourself.

Solanah: Well, my name is Solanah (Sunshine in spanish), I live just outside Portland Oregon, with my sweet husband Sam and our fat kitty Hobbes.

VFC: You like vintage fashion, why?  This may sound like a stupid question, as it's hard to explain why you like something, but it's really interesting to know what is it that you like about vintage?

Solanah: I love vintage for many reasons, some I can't explain and some I can. It's flattering for one thing, the right 50s dress can look like it was custom made for me, whereas a modern dress makes me look like a sack of potatoes. You can get better quality for lower cost than anything modern, for example vintage cashmere is simply the best. And vintage has character, it can transform your mood make you feel a certain way, I've never experienced that with modern frocks. 


VFC: I’ve noticed that mostly there are creative artistic people who prefer vintage. And you are another example: you sew, you knit, you are incredibly stylish and artistic on your pictures... Why do you think vintage fashion attracts some and not others?

Solanah: Aw, thank you! Honestly, I find creative people to be very open minded, and to wear vintage you must have an open mind. Creative individuals love to explore eccentric possibilities, and I for one represent my creativity to the world with the way I put together outfits, and nothing is more eccentric/stands out more than vintage!


VFC: Would you agree that in the past things were better quality, made from purer materials and with higher standards?

Solanah: I would say that most things were of a better quality, and therefor last longer, which is why we have such a great market for vintage and antiques. In 50 years I believe the everyday items we see, use, and wear today won't exist, we are surrounded by such cheap and disposable things, that future generations won't get to experience what vintage is. 


VFC: How old is your beautiful Vixen Vintage blog?

Solanah: Vixen Vintage turned two years old in October, it seems like it's been going so much longer though! 


VFC: Who takes your gorgeous arty pictures, and whose ideas they are?


Solanah: Thank you again! When I don't take a picture with my tripod, my friend Twila Jean takes them, my cousin Ruth, my brother Josh, and sometimes my Husband takes them, but they almost always end up with me making funny faces. I prefer location settings for pictures (overgrown forests, art deco hotels), but sometimes I have to settle for a boring old wall. 

VFC: Have you found like-minded friends, learned new things, or achieved anything else through your blog?

Solanah: I have! I've made lots of friends through my blog, some I've met and continued friendships with, and some I hope to meet someday! My readers are so knowledgeable that I learn a lot from them, be it if I need help dating a certain article of clothing, how to do a beehive, or decoding knitting patterns. I feel like keeping up the blog is an accomplishment, and hopefully will help me open up new doors in my life! 


VFC: Your blog is one of the best vintage fashion blogs in the Internet. Whatdoes Vixen Vintage mean to you personaly?

Solanah: Wow really? It's always so odd to know that lots of other people read my blog, I never really grasp that. Vixen Vintage represents just one part of my life, but it's a very important part. I've always loved fashion, when I was a little girl, my Barbies didn't get married, they were in high fashion shows. As I got older my love of fashion morphed into a love of vintage fashion. I love sharing that with people, it makes me happy to show my beautiful clothing to the world, and I guess other people like it too! 


VFC: Do you have a business that's related to vintage fashion?

JC: I used to have a vintage shop on Etsy, but stopped doing that earlier this year. 

VFC: Vintage clothing is often second-hand, what do you think about the idea of wearing clothes that someone else had worn before?

Solanah: I've never minded second hand clothing, I've grown up around vintage, so I never really gave it much thought. I know there are some people out there who only buy deadstock vintage, I couldn't imagine passing up a wonderful frock just because it didn't have tags attached! 


VFC: What is your favourite item from your retro wardrobe and jewellery box?

Solanah: hats a tough one. I think right now my favorite item is a 1930s coat I got from Fab Gabs Vintage. It's like "The One" of vintage coats for me :) 

Solanah's Amazing Hats Collection


VFC: Please, tell us about your hat's collection.

Solanah: I wear hats from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, but have a few from the earlier part of the 20th century. I really love my hats, though there are always more out there that I covet :)

VFC: How and when did you start?

Solanah: I don't really know how it started, but I do remember one little black 50s hat with netting I wore to a tea when i was about 8, and after that I kept acquiring them, little by little to wear to teas, and as I got older I realized it was silly to keep them packed away for special occasions. If you love something, go with it, even if other people think it's odd. 


VFC: How many hat's there are in your collection?

Solanah: Well I just counted my hats the other day, and it stands strong at 130!

VFC: What is the oldest one?

Solanah: have a few little velvet victorian toppers, I've dated them at about 1890s they're not elaborate, but so dainty! 

VFC: What is the most exclusive/rare one?

Solanah: Perhaps my 1920s cloche made from horsehair, it looks like lace! 

VFC: What is the most exotic hat in your collection?

Solanah: I think my bird hats would have to go over here. I have three, one black, one pink, and one blue and orange, they are not real birds, but forms covered in feathers.

VFC: What is your personal favourites?

Solanah: My bird hats or any other hats with feathers! 

VFC: Do you wear/rent out/sell/exhibit them?

Solanah: Wear hats every day, but would never rent them out. I could exhibit them I suppose, but why put them behind a glass case when they could be doing what they were meant to do: Be worn! 


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