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Stiletto shoes

Stiletto shoes is an icon of the 20th century fashion. And of course vintage fashionistas all around the world love these beauties. Stilettos have deserved their own privileged place in our wardrobes and in our hearts.

Both the shape of the hills and the classical model of the shoes are so perfect that they haven't been changed for the whole century. They are a perfect example of the best from the vintage fashion.

They were born in 1950s, they still reflect the romantic beauty of that era. Than they changed their colours and material to the brighter and more plastic ones and were reborn again in 1980s.

Although the main idea has survived through the century, today's stilettos are different from those of the 20th century.

Being classic vintage, stiletto shoes bring the desirable accent of the past.

Stilettos are great with both jeans and dresses. Stiletto hills are designed the way that they make legs look longer and slimmer no matter how high is the actual hill You chose whether you want to look club-chic or romantic-elegance by your look...

As any vintage shoes, it's pretty difficult to find proper stilettos in order to buy them. But the result worths the effort. Beautiful stilettos always make a perfect vintage look

There is a couple of retailers though that make our vintage shoes dreams come true. Vintage markets are great for the the retro shoes hunting. Visit Vintage shoes for more information.

Good luck with your stiletto hunting and feel free to come back and share your stiletto experience.

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