The Return of Vintage 19th Crime Show

by Murdoch Mysteries returns to Alibi
(Tuesdays from 28th February 2012)

UKTV’s Alibi is thrilled to announce the return of vintage 19th century crime show, Murdoch Mysteries. The brand new exclusive fifth series returns to Alibi Tuesday 28th February at 9pm (Sky 132, Virgin 130).

Based on Maureen Jennings' series of hit novels, Murdoch Mysteries features the ever-handsome and suave detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) as he uses fledgling forensic techniques to solve perplexing crimes in Victorian-era Toronto. 

From expert tailoring to beautiful scenery, the era perfected series returns with even more aesthetically pleasing capes, corsetry and primed moustachery.

(Check out the trailer here: Murdoch Mysteries on You Tube)

Constable Crabtree (Jonny Harris) and their boss, Inspector Brackenreid (Coronation Street's Thomas Craig), find themselves at the dawn of a new century - a time of huge anticipation, trepidation, and change. Together with new addition, Dr Grace Howard, the team continues in its quest for the truth in their home city. 

With the new century ushering new advances in technology, Murdoch and the team have their work cut out with new kinds of crime - from a convention of brilliant inventors who build a device capable of murder, to the creation of an electric car and to the twisted visions of a neurosurgeon who feels he can eradicate crime - they find their work cut out for them. 

Murdoch's faith in the rational and scientific undergoes its most rigorous test to date - can scientific forces for good be used to stop scientific forces for bad? And how will he react to a new female Assistant Coroner in his life? 

Murdoch and his forensic methods remain the same, but how will he cope as the world around him changes?

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