Vintage Accessories Ideas.
The best of the retro creations and how they’d been worn

Vintage Accessories are decorative items from the past that supplement your garment; such as jewellery, gloves, handbags, hats, belts, scarves, watches, sunglasses, pins, stockings, bow ties, leg warmers, leggings, neckties, suspenders, and tights produced between 1920s and 1990s.

Vintage Accessories Lace Fur Hat

Vintage accessories add style, colour and class to your outfit, and create a certain look, at the same time they may also have practical functions. Some accessories such as muffs or parasols you can find only in vintage shops, they are not often produced not any more.

You can easily find other vintage accessories of a variety prices, styles, materials and age in vintage shops and markets. Moreover, accessories is something you can easily buy online: its safer than buying cloths for example, you don’t necessarily have to try it to make sure that it’s the right size.

Vintage accessories ideas from the past

To give you some ideas about the best of the retro accessories, ideas that will help you to polish your style, here are the best retro accessories from the 20th century and the best style directions of the 20th century:

1920s and 1930s vintage accessories

  • Cloche hats
  • Silk turbans

Vintage Accessories Hats

  • Parasols that emphasise the dress print
  • Small purse bag
  • Felty hats

  • Tasseled lipstick holder
  • Feather fens
  • Suzanne Lenglen-style headband
  • Chinese brocade bags
  • Androgynous beret and a tie

  • Chanel sting upon string of fake pearls
  • Cubism and Art Deco accessories
  • Rolled-down stockings (worn together with T-bar shoes and short skirts)
  • Over a meter long beadings
  • Beaded purses
  • Wristlet purses
  • Wide straw hats trimmed with silk flowers

  • Tasseled bags
  • Paste jewellery known as ‘slave bracelets’ was often worn high up on the arm as well as the wrist.
  • Smoking accessories for women
  • Long ropes of pearls and diamante jewellery

Vintage Hats.

One more vintage item is a cloche hat. Cloche Hats would sit smoothly on the head and mimicked the fashionable boyish hairstyle of 1920s era. Turn-up brims helped to soften the face as in the one won by Greta Garbo, and more minimal felt styles were trimmed with felt or silk flowers and as worn by Anita Loos. Straw cloches were decorated with bands at the end of the decade.

Wide romantic straw shepherdess-style hats were worn to the races and at the beach, and trimmed with ribbons or silk flowers, as worn by actress Virginia Valli.

Softer turban-style cloches and scarf detailing offered an alternative to minimal helmet styles.

Berets became fashionable for daywear as well as for uniform.

Vintage Accessories Bag

More Vintage ideas:

  • Clutch bag
  • Marlene Dietrich firs
  • Schiaperellis’ quirky style; She also made matching newsprint bags and used fabric printed with music scores
  • Matching gauntlet gloves
  • Decorative lace parasols
  • Pearls worn around the wrist

Bows were used on the backs and sides of dresses. Sashes and belts with square buckles were popular waistline detailing for daywear.

  • Throat broches
  • Bracelets over the gloves &mdash a style introduced by Chanel.
  • Fir Boleros
  • Painted lines imitating stockings

1940s vintage ideas accessories

  • Gloves
  • Flip-flops
  • Hermes Kelly bag &mdash a square-cut design based on a saddle bag which she was often seen caring
  • Gloves and hats ‘finish’ the look

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1950s vintage accessories

Quilted bags were a Channel hallmark and Empire line dresses and white and white fur trims were popular for bridalwear as well as for the evening. Fashionable billbox hat.

PVC wet look hats

Beach accessories: flip-flops, straw bags, straw hats or headscarves completed the essential look.

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1960s and 1970s vintage accessories

Long striped ribbed stockings

Accessories such as metal buckles on the models’ beltswear sometimes incorporated into mini-dressing during the Sixties for a Star Trek look.

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and 1970s Fashion

Hippy accessories ideas

Scarves tied around the head, gipsy style, hand-knitting and crochet snake like scarves and knitted berets &mdash these all was inspired by hippies.

And more accessories inspired by hippies: long beads and Indian jewellery including belly and ankle chains. Bag-belts were introduced by Sonya Rykiel and pocket purses were designed to button on and off items of clothing.

‘Granny Look’ shall and ponchos;

Fringes trailed off belts and begs became associated with the hippie movement;

Punk accessories ideas:

women customised their clothes with safety pins, studs, razor blades and paint. Leather was used to create a fetish look.

Punk vintage accessories: women customised their clothes with safety pins, studs, razor blades and paint. Fetish-style leather

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1980s vintage accessories

Black rucksacks preferably by Prada were the hot accessories. Adidas, Fila, Nike track suites and leggings

  • Chunky earrings
  • Bold jewellery
  • Rollex watch

!!! Vintage Fashion Club Favorite!!!
The simple knitted tube of fabric was promoted as a versatile piece of clothing . It could be worn as a boob tube, over a hair like a hood, around the neck like a scarf, as a mini-dress or as a skirt.

Coco Chanel had originally used gold chains to weigh down the edges of her suits, and also promoted bold costume jewellery. Lagerfeld has whipped the chains of the suits to create big bold belts and necklaces in true Eighties style.

  • Fingerless gloves
  • Lacy tights
  • Jumble of mixed necklaces that trailed down to the waist.

  • Flapper hair bow
  • Fat belt worn on the hip

  • Chanel bag with it’s trademark gilt-chained handle

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There are many ideas to choose from. So you are ready now whether to give a visit to your granny and explore her old chest on the subject of something moody for your vintage polished look, or to attack a vintage shop!

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