Casual Jeans VS Ocasional Dress to Your
Vintage Beaded Purse...

A vintage beaded purse is a fashionable accessory nowadays. And it's not only just an accessory &mdash it can be a valuable collectible and good investment. Vintage beaded purse 1

Being part of women's and (can you only imagine that?) men's accessories for much longer even than a century it's changed a lot

  • beads size;
  • frame's material;
  • beaded motifs;
  • purse fabric;
  • linen fabric
  • purse shape itself

keep changing, only it's purpose hasn't changed. You wear your beaded purse because of the same reason as 1920s flapper girl &mdash to look glamorous.

Although 1920s girl would wear it relevant Art Deco square cut dress, or flapper short skirt and stockings which would be very beautiful, but completely retro style from the past. Vintage beaded purse 1

And that's where we've came to dilemma: whether it's going to look extremely chic if we combine the beaded bag with casual clothes, jeans in particular?

Of course vintage beaded purses and bags work great with both &mdash casual clothes and occasion outfits.

My personal opinion &mdash if you are in a mood for this combination do it! It's a sparkle of freedom to wear jeans, t-shirt and such a luxury accessory as beaded purse. It's like flying away and grabbing the first bag you meet in your wardrobe in a hurry...

This type of attitude to your apparel always looks very fashionable to me, it means that you:

  • care about your wardrobe enough to buy such beautiful things like your gorgeos purse;
  • self-confident about your look and style enough to wear casual clothes;
  • independent enough to combination things that not considered to be combined together;
  • and also it speaks for your taste;
  • and your party time sheduld.

Be brave &mdash combine it when it works for you!

That's what vintage fashion is all about,

  • combining different styles;
  • chic and cheap;
  • and clothes of various epochs

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