Vintage Bermondsey Street Fayre

Unexpected Vintage Bermondsey

Another retro style place in London is stylish Bermondsey Street. It's a short lovely street with brick road, wooden shutters and gorgeous little restaurants.This is the great thing about London, there are so many hidden places you can discover everyday really. I mean we've been living here -- 10 minutes from Bermondsey street -- for 3 years already, and my flatmate hasn't been to the Bermondsey street yet… Well, it's a great thing that there is still so much to explore.

Vintage Bermondsey street is a great fashion place itself. There are small art boutiques, a fashion textile museum, even pet couture is here. There is a Bermondsey street cafe, a great stylish place where I met Gok this weekend, it's so trendy, I mean in a good way - it looks like your friend's friendly house, BUT (I have to warn you) it has a camera in the loo...Shocking!

The same vintage Bermondsey street number 212. This is an incredible designer’s boutique.


Liz - a lovely girl who works there and who loves her amazing designer's hat - is a fashion icon herself. She was incredibly sweet with every customer during all the time I spent in the shop... And oh dear... did I spend some time here. Why? Well, you wouldn't ask if you've visited the shop...

First of all, it's incredibly cute and cosy itself, wooden ceiling, fabric clocks, all this shabby chester drawers, old style shelves and hangers... Amazing


But even more so  the clothes themselves. There is a couple of drawers! Full of incredibly beautiful dresses. I personally left my heart with a dark gray silk sarafan. Most of the clothing is designed per retro models using old style patterns.


There are beautiful clothing, accessories, such as amazing silk ties for ladies and children clothes...


Just the whole idea of remaking the old into the new therefore our Past into our Present is both noble and poetic.

It's also a very playful fashion, it's what most of us do from time to time -- make do and mend. It's very vintage as well.


And this is Liz. Good luck and best wishes to her in the amazing job she is doing.

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Aaaa! I went to this shop when I was to London. I stayed in Think Apartment hotel just next door to this shop, I remember I was absolutely amazed by the …

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