Vintage Bras

10 Exciting Vintage Bras' Facts

1. Do you know that the first among all the vintage bras was invented in 1913 by Mary Phelps Jacobs.

2. The word 'brassiere' became shortened to 'bra' in the 1930s

3. The most remarkable retro bra is of course a conical bra or bullet bra as it makes the breasts bullet shaped.

4. 'No bra bra' was made in 1964 by Rudi Gernereich. it was made of see through stretch netting and very simply shaped, but only really suitable for the small breasted woman

5. Do you know that the wonderbra was a hit twice in 1968 and than in 1990s

6. Cutest bra slips first appeared in 1960s and became a hit

7. The most famous lingerie brand Victoria's Secret opened the first shop in 1977.

8. Can you imagine, lot of 1980s lingerie is shoulder padded?

9. The most expensive vintage bras are Art-Deco dance bras beaded and decorated.

10. Do you know that the bra's parent is vintage corset?

And some more information that will help you in searching your perfect retro bra. A, B, C and D sizes firs appeared in 1960s. Also a retro bra shapes influenced a lot Vintage Women's Swimsuit shape and model.

The best way to look for a vintage lingerie: retro bras, camisoles, sleep hats, corsets etc is online. Although be careful with the sizes and dimensions, if you can't try an item on make shire you find out as much as you can before purchasing.

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