Vintage Christmas Decorations and Interior Ideas

Vintage Christmas decorations will turn your winter holiday into romantic old fashion fairy tale.

Christmas is something traditional and classy anyway, but retro decoration will emphasise a hand-made, pre-digital past of this holiday, it will bring your deepest memories from the childhood when you believed in Magic and Santa…

Vintage Christmas Decorations 5

Think Alice in Wonderland style, think poppie-mache, think vintage Christmas wreaths, candles, bobble lights…

Lots of fabric imitating slow and blizzard creates beautiful mysterious atmosphere. hang more chiffon on your curtain rail, decorate your curtains with silver snowflakes and balloons Vintage Christmas Decorations 4 There are thousands of Christmas decoration ideas out there including Vintage decorations, Victorian Christmas style and so on! They all are very helpful when you design your Christmas interior, some of them are absolutely brilliant!

Although my personal opinion is that the most beautiful vintage Christmas decorations should include (and include in a vary big proportion) hand-made decorations. Simple cut-out snowflakes on your window along will make a very nice vintage fairytale impression both from inside and outside. Vintage Christmas Decorations 6 Painted decorations will create a Christmas theatre look. Paint big standees for your home Christmas theatre, use traditional colours and motifs: green christmas trees, white snow, dark blue sky, sparkling stars.

Poppie-mache masks create beautiful look and feel even when part of the interior!

Vintage Christmas Decorations 2

Go further if you really want to use your painting skills: paint reindeers, Santa, add some golden bells on your decorative standee.

Lighting always create this romantic interior, Christmas lighting is a detail that will turn your Christmas holiday into whether a festive party or a retro style ball. So choose your lighting accordingly. Old style lighting (such as unusually big glass lamps on thick wires), poppie-mache lamp-shades, fabric decorated lightings will make this magic atmosphere, that you would never forget. Vintage Christmas Decorations 2

Where to get vintage Christmas decorations?

You have 3 great options:

  • Do it yourself
    Poppie-mashe, garlands, paper streamers, paintings on the windows… they all look beautiful, very arty, creative and perfectly vintage! Although be careful with the lightings, and candles if you decide to hand made those. It's not worth to leave any unattended lightings even those bought in best Disney shops, but it concerns hand made lightings 100 times more!
  • Pop onto your grandparent's attic
    It looks obvious of course but I can't emphasise more what a beautiful treasure a grannies chest is. Especially if we talk about Christmas decorations. There are many people and families that keep the most beautiful Christmas decorations and they become family treasures and valuable heritage. It's a very beautiful tradition. I personally decided 3 years ago to collect at least one beautiful Christmas accessory every year.

    You may start your beautiful tradition of buying, or receiving as a gift, or hand making your own collection…

  • The first two ways are are usually not enough for a fabulous Christmas Interior, all the rest you ma need, can be found on-line, or in the vintage shops and markets...

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