Vintage Clothing London Sale Exhibition in Chelsea. Reviewes, opinions, prices...

An explosion of vintage clothing in London!

Summer is the time of festivals, exhibitions and of course SALES... London is a city of high fashion, retro glamour and big brands... Think of those two together, and you will get your explosion of vintage!

Vintage Fashion London

Vintage Fashion London

The Vintage Exhibition in Chelsea was in the end of 2010. Usually, it takes place every season.

The atmosphere is always gorgeous! Very beautiful interior, stylish public: both sellers and buyers. For £4 fee you would expect something more than just another vintage market (yes, here in London you can be spoiled with retro fashion markets) And this event was actually more than that.

It was advertised that many of the vintage items would be selling for £1 — £2... To tell you the truth, I didn’t see a single earring for that price.

Although the good thing about this Chelsea Town Hall exhibition was

  • fascinating atmosphere in the building, which makes you feel like you are on a beautiful presentation, talking to another people, sellers and buyers.
  • huge range of real vintage clothes and accessories.
  • great collection of vintage silk shawls of the best designers' brands. They were of different sizes, colours and printing. They were in a very good 'as-a-new' condition. Prices: from £10 for a number of shawls to £50 — £80 for most of them.

Vintage Clothing London

Vintage Clothing London

Vintage Clothing London 05

What else can you find there?

Vintage clothing of different decades for women and men. Dresses, jackets, gorgeous glasses, beaded purses; art deco Accessories, 80s bold plastic jewellery, furs, luggage...

Should you or should you not miss the next vintage clothing London event, it's entirely up to you.

If it's a bargain you are after, don't waste your time — go to Shoredich Market or Portobello market.

But if you prefer beautiful indoor shopping with a lot of designers' vintage clothing, rare stuff, collectibles and quality of vintage fashion, then don't miss the next vintage clothing London Exhibition in Chelsea Town Hall.

The next one is going to be on 13 February, starting at 11 am.

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