Vintage Clothing Online Shopping Tips and Advices

Vintage clothing online shops are great when:

  • you are looking for some special vintage items;
  • if you don't really care about creative vintage shops atmospheres;
  • and also if you want to save some money because online vintage shops are usually much cheaper.

Top 5 Online Vintage Shopping Tips

Though to make your vintage clothing online shopping successful and to save yourself from any future regrets, there are several simple rules that work: 1) Colours

When you buy clothes online, keep in mind that the colours you see on your computer screen may not look exactly the same when you buy the item and receive it in the post. Online, colors may seem brighter or duller or just slightly different. When you keep this in mind, you will be less disappointed if a garment arrives looking a little different, color-wise, from what you were envisioning.

2) Fabric

On a similar note, sometimes the texture of a garment will not end up feeling exactly as you imagined it would feel. 3) Sizes

Always, always, double-check the size charts and the actual measurements of the garment you are buying online, especially if you are using an online shop for the first time. Sizes may look familiar, but there are thousands of disappointments to avoid if the sizes are checked in advance.

If you are not sure or if the size chart or measurements are not very clear, contact the retailer via e-mail or phone and let them explain how you can translate their sizes and what size will they recommend to you if, there is a choice. 4) Return Policy

Another important point to consider when you buy clothes online is the retailer's return policy. The vast majority of reputable online clothing retailers will directly state their return policies on their website in one or more highly visible locations, sometimes on the website's home page, as well as on a few other web pages. 5) Contact Details

When you buy clothes online, check to see if the online retailer you are purchasing your clothing from lists a phone number for customer service. When dealing with online retailers whom you can only reach online (via email, for example) and where you cannot get in touch with a live customer service representative, this can be problematic.

Vintage clothing online shopping won't give you the retro atmosphere, texture of the fabrics, excitement when you try the garment on, and live advice from a friendly (though sometimes a little bit crazy) assistant, but it is quick, easy and cheap! The choice is yours.

And good luck with your online vintage shopping!

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