How to Make Your Vintage Clothing Shopping More Successful.

Vintage Clothing shopping is as exciting as shopping can be...

and even more exciting because it’s a bigger adventure when you may find:

  • a bargain vintage item for an extremely low price;
  • a garment from an old film which had been worn by a Hollywood star in the 50s, 60s or 70s;
  • designer’s vintage garment or accessories for acceptable price;
  • a very stylish vintage apparel, shoes, or a bag that is one-of-a kind.
Vintage Clothing Shopping

Vintage markets and shops

Vintage markets and shops are often very unusual, arty and stylish. And people you may meet there are very unusual and creative, both buyers (such as you and me) and sellers who are neither big shopping centers’ assistants when they never have enough time for every customer nor designer boutiques' shop girls when they first judge your purse.

Vintage Clothing Shoping

Vintage sellers are used to people that come to their shops and market places not only to buy, but to fulfill curiosity or to get inspired by all those historical treasures they have, or just to have a chat about their staff and to get their advice.

Vintage clothing shopping is less tense and more enjoyable, sometimes it’s more clubbing than shopping. It really has a different atmosphere, different values, and more often than not a better clothing quality. Vintage shopping is not that corporate, commercial and money focused. Vintage Clothing Shoopping

Some of the vintage shops even have a coffee-shop or a pub inside so that you can grab some earrings, bags, T-short, or anything else from a shop, have a cup of coffee at the table and look it all through taking as much time as you wish before you make a decision, or enjoying your purchasing after you buy. (More about vintage clothing coffee-shops in the UK, how to find, what are the prices is here)


But if you are looking for a very specific garment vintage clothing shopping can be hard, unless you've got a real eye for quality and extensive knowledge on where to find a particular item.

Vintage Clothing Shoopping

If you are looking for a specific vintage item

There is one easy way for specific vintage shopping &mdash online.

You will prefer online vintage shopping if, instead of the vintage atmosphere, you want a quick and relatively cheap result. E-bay is always very good for online vintage shopping, you may find really good stuff and very cheap prices there, but always be aware that e-bay sellers are often not official retailers, so always doublecheck the sellers’ rating and profiles. Visit our article about Online Vintage Shopping for more information


But no matter which way you’ve chosen for your vintage shopping, enjoy it, make it a pleasant adventure rather than a boring duty, a garment bought with happy mood brings better memories each time you wear it.

Vintage Clothing Shoopping 4

And don’t forget about yourself in this garment: think of yourself in it, try it or imagine yourself wearing it. Be critical (to the garment, not to yourself), and remember Chanel’s wisdom: ‘Look to the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress’. (Guys it concerns you equally, take Chanel’s words figuratively).

Vintage Clothing Shoopping

And lots of luck with your vintage clothing shopping!

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