The Most Fascinating Vintage Clothing Stores in London

You wouldn't be wrong if you call London 'one of the best cities for vintage fashion' (the best for some, actually). Why do you think?

Vintage Clothing Stores Greenwich

Of course it's gorgeously beautiful, it's very old, it's big, it's expensive, but the most amazing thing about London is its creative atmosphere that give birth and attracts stylish, inordinate, creative people, I think you will agree with me if you've been there and felt that.

I think it's the atmosphere that makes Londoners like that. Free atmosphere, when people don't judge each other because of what they are wearing. And they don't do it to make an impression, they just express themselves: smart and casual, contemporary and retro, funny and strange...

Vintage clothing stores shoredich couple

That's why so many brilliant vintage clothing stores are based in London.

The London area that is full of vintage markets and stores is Shoreditch of course, let's start from here:

Paper Dress is one of my favourite shops. It's unique: wooden floors, huge window, stylish changing rooms (reminds you of costume rooms in theaters), beautiful vintage dresses (of course) and... gorgeous cafe area in the same room where the shop is! Great idea and beautiful stylish realisation. One more brilliant shop, completely different from the first one though: Rummage! Jumble Sale! I'm not sure whether it's there yet. But the clothes that has been sold there is 100% vintage and good vintage.

I bought a 1970s Mickey Mouse t-shirt there — it's one of my favorites now! It has 'MICKEY SAYS RELAX' on its back, a little hole (but the hole doesn't spoil my t-shirt) and it cost me £3 only.

There were tons of 60s plastic brooches, pretty bags and even furniture! You can definitely find a bargain for your vintage collection. Rummage is definitely one of the very British vintage clothing stores.

Vintage Clothing Stores Rummage

Absolute Vintage is one of the most famous vintage shops in London. It sells tons of retro clothing.

Vintage clothing stores Absolute Vintage

There are many-many more retro and vintage shops in Shoreditch, like famous Beyond Retro. Which is one of the oldest and one of the biggest vintage clothing stores in London.

Vintage Basement, Theft Store, The Shop and of course vintage markets are there as well!

Vintage Clothing Stores Vintage Basement

Vintage Clothing Stores The Shop

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