Vintage Clothing Phenomenon!

Hard or easy to get?

If you are a vintage clothing fan, I bet you know how difficult it can be to find a real treasure. But the harder it is to find, the sweeter the victory is when you come across the vintage garment which is really beautiful and really you. What can valuably help here is a real eye for quality and extensive knowledge on where to find the good stuff!


Honestly, it is very easy and ten times more pleasant, when you know what to look for and where the best places for shopping are. And right now you are just about to find it out.

What you will also find for yourself on Vintage Fashion Club are:

  • exciting facts of 20th century clothing and fashion history of each decade;
  • cutting edge designers of the past and their creations;
  • the best high street shops for vintage-inspired clothing;
  • the best vintage shops and markets all over the world;
  • the greatest sales (either in your area or online);
  • real vintage bargains and freebies &mdash you can save a fortune here;
  • retro collectibles or just a good investment;
  • easy but helpful tips on how to choose the best quality vintage garment;
  • how to maintenance vintage garments tips (e.g. tips and advice on how to give life to a nice retro garment, shoes, fur or accessories);
  • and a place to share your vintage experience.

What makes vintage clothes more desirable than trendy high-street or designer’s garments?

Several things do:

  • it’s economic,
  • it’s environment friendly,
  • it’s against corporate culture,
  • iyet more importantly it’s unique!

Vintage clothing is an exceptional way to express yourself

You can “speak” through your clothes, and you can choose your language – an urban slang or an old-style poetry! Every piece of your outfit can talk, and it should! You can make this world more beautiful by speaking loudly through your own style! You can be an inspiration for others.

You can actually be a living muse for someone.

To sum up, vintage fashion is stylish, meaningful, and poetic

And the good news is that right now you can find out how to spend less but look gorgeous and where to find great sales, real bargains and lucky freebies on Vintage Fashion Club.

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