Vintage Corset
That Creates The Mood

A vintage corset is a thing that creates a beautiful erotic mood if you are going to have a perfect vintage style date. And no surprises why. This beautiful retro item is sexy and romantic, it's all about lace and silk, intimacy and romance…

Vintage Corset

Just try it on, and look at yourself… It makes you look slimmer; and your breasts look more juicy. And there is a reason why... a retro corset is usually great quality.

A retro corset is often a hand made item and usually better quality than a contemporary. It holds breasts and makes waist slimmer much better than today's mass-production corsets.

Although there are second hand corsets out there which are good for an exhibition but not for your wardrobe. My strong concern is that any lingerie including corsets must be fresh and never look old! It may be vintage and still fresh, but not worn out and not second hand.

So if you decide to buy a second hand ancient corset because it's simply too beautiful, buy it and keep it, but only with one purpose: for an inspiration not for wearing! Another reason why vintagistas buy them is for the pattern. Well it's incredibly complicated to copy a quality beautiful corset, but it is achievable if you know a great tailor. So you may detach the corset and create a brand new one exactly the same shape.

If you've managed to find a gorgeous vintage corset brand new. Well… congratulations! It's a great thing to have, to wear, and to be seen in by the one you like.

Vintage Corset

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