Vintage Designer Clothing.
Still a Chic but yet Cheap

Vintage designer clothing stands out from the rest of mass production because it has authors, that have created it and have put their talent into their work. It was designed and produced by the talented artists during the last century and it absorbed the spirit of the past.

Vintage designer clothing with parfum

Those brilliant vintage designers of the past set up the tendency of today's fashion.

The most exciting thing about vintage designer clothing and accessories is that they will never be sold in the shops again. The old collections of the vintage Dior won't be produced either not now, not in a million years. Though vintage Chanel No5 had become so popular that they started to produce it again couple of years ago, but this is one of the rare examples.

Most of the vintage fashion items have been left in the past — in the old movies, retro photo pictures and sweet memories. Vintage designer clothing is a flashback of this romantic luxury.

And just like every talented work of a creative artist it always very valuable, and always in demand.

That's why vintage designers brands is a good investment of your money. Yes, strangely enough, to buy a handbag may be a wise business decision!! For example, if you decide to sell your £300 vintage Prada bag in 5 years time, it will still have the same value for money, it will always be a Prada Bag.

Here are recommended web sites for the vintage designers clothing:

Posh Vintage
'Anyone can shop the racks at Barney's; the woman who can work vintage pieces into the mix is our heroine. It's like a great party: When headliners and unknown names mix it up, you've achieved party magic'

Vintage Seekers
'Decade-defining vintage fashion; from dresses & coats to bags & jewellery; designers Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent.' Vintage Seekers also offer Design pieces, Collectibles, Watches, Motoring, Wines etc.

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