How to Buy Vintage Designer Handbags and Be Sure that it's Authentic…

Vintage designer handbags are must-haves for any glamorous girl and stylish guy today. Actually, no, no, let's forget about 'must-haves' and 'trendy stuff'… It's a vintage bag we are talking about, it's not 'must' and it's not 'should' it's just a very pleasant thing to have.

Although being so beautiful, it's usually not cheap at all. Vintage designer handbags are usually £200-300 and more and much more up to thousands and tens of thousands, depending on its condition and an actual brand.

Let's face it, if you are not a multimillionaire, it's usually not easy to buy a designer handbag. Seriously, we don't have a machine printing money, how is it possible to spend £500 on a designer accessory?

There is a solution: a second hand vintage bag!

Just think about it, a second hand bag has already been sold and worn by its owner, and she's took everything she wanted from it, now she just decided to get rid of it and just to compensate something to feel good about leaving her accessory. It's not for free anyway, but it's reasonable money.

Honestly, why should you spend thousands on a new or never worn designer's bag if there are plenty of second hand bags out there?

Anyway, no matter whether you are buying a second hand bag or a rare vintage collectible, when you pay your money, you expect your bag to be original.

But the fakes are out there waiting for you to mix them up with the authentic vintage masterpieces.

Although don't worry, here are 10 simple tips to help you to choose the best purchase for you and to spot a counterfeit…

1. Certificates and ID cards

Majority of designer bags are sold with the cards of identity. They are usually of the size of a business card. They contain all the information about the bag: its model type, its colour, size and serial number.

So if your bag goes with the card it pretty much means that it's an original... Though it's worth checking all the rest of the advices… just to be 100% sure.

And of course no surprise if your vintage bag has lost its ID during its long life. A vintage bag may have changed a lot of owners until comes to your wardrobe.

2. Dust Bag

Designer bags are always sold together with a dust bag, which usually has a designer's logo. And again, your vintage designer handbag could have a very complicated destiny and could loose its fabric dust bag. In that case...

3. Look inside the bag

Inside it should be the designer's logo in leather or metal, it depends on the brand.

4. Lining

The lining should be of high quality with the brands name on it. Some brands have particular lining, such as Prada's black lining with simple motif and Prada logo, others always use different lining, like D&G for example. But no matter what, it should be done to a high standard inside the bag.

5. Registration number

Usually, a registration number is sewn inside the lining. It looks very simple, just several figures on white label.

6. Stiches

The stitches on the bag itself and on its handles neat and rather short. Big brands bags are usually handmade, so the length of the stitches can very especially in the angles.

7. Price

A vintage designer handbag especially if it's in a good condition, is usually very expensive. The price starts from £200-300, some items are rare, some are real collectibles, their prices easily reach thousands and even tens of thousands.

So, if you find a vintage designer beauty for less than £150, it could mean that you've found a bargain, but it could also mean that you've found a counterfeit. If your choice costs less than £50, it's probably a fake.

8. Where you buy your vintage designer handbag

Vintage shops usually don't sell fakes. Let's say a shop is somebody's business, and if they are serious about their business, and usually people are, it's simply illegal to sell counterfeit.

9. Vintage designer handbags online

It's even more complicated to spot a fake when you shop online. Although there is a couple of easy tips to help you to buy an original vintage designer handbag and be comfortable and confident when you choose your online purchasing.

If you want to be 100% sure then of course go to the authorised designer's online stores.

Some shops sell vintage bags from different designers, to prove that they sell authentic goods they might put logo or link on their website, or other respected resources linking to them. But no matter what check the online retailer's reputation before you make your perches.

If you buy from online auctions like e-bay it's much more risky to come across a counterfeit, although it's a big chance to come across a second hand designer bag really cheap.

Now when e-bay began to control their designer goods after the scandal with Louis Vuitton, designer goods online auctions appeared. One of them is .

10. Golden rule for buying original designer handbags:

If you have the tiniest suspicion about your future bag, just don't buy it because a designer bag is usually flawless, that's why someone pays so much for the name, because there is the reputation of the perfect quality behind it.

Good luck with your vintage shopping, and feel free to tell us your vintage bag story or share your personal golden rule with us!

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